Branding is very important not only for businesses but for people, as well. Branding and image go hand-in-hand since your audience wants to know you as well as the services or products you can provide them with. Your audience could be potential clients or employers and they want to know the person they will be working with**. We are offering a package working with the top branding photographers for your personal and professional Branding needs. Our starting package includes:

Initial Consultation – We’ll focus on what is the most important quality you want your audience to know about you and what you offer. I will put together a plan based on your Branding needs.

Personal Shopping – Once we have an understanding of how to brand yourself, you have the option of going on a special shopping trip with Jen or you can let us do the shopping for you – I will pick out styles and looks just for you. We’ll try on at your home/office and take what you don’t want back for you! During this 3 hours of one-on-one time together, you’ll have new outfits and options for your everyday lifestyle as well as your Branding photo shoots.

Hair/Makeup Consult – We will discuss your options for styles that suit you best and match you with a hair and makeup professional for your Branding shoots.

Photo Day – We will be on set guiding you with your wardrobe, hair and/or makeup while working with your Branding Photographer.

*Branding isn’t just for professionals! Are you dating online or through a matchmaking service? First impressions are important – for both women and men.

Ready to make your Brand a success? Contact us for more details!