How to Style Fall Maxis

As part of my #FallWardrobeChallenge, I’m featuring a new look each week with different styles that feel so right during the Fall. I do a new look every day on Instagram with a video with tips and tricks on how to style the outfits. Each post is linked to with suggestions for your favorite pieces. Click on the photos to check them out!

The Maxi is such a basic piece that has so many possibilities! And I’m going to show you a few this week. Five ways to style a favorite Fall basic that will get your creative juices flowing – plus two bonus looks from my Spring #shopyourclosetchallenge.


It took me a little time but I decided to feature Maxis – both dresses and skirts to style for the Fall 🍁🍂 I was inspired by yesterday’s bonus post for 1 Turtleneck 5 Ways 😁

The first day I wanted to do a fun look to remind everyone to vote if they haven’t already! I styled this Silver Jeans denim maxi skirt with my patriotic Rails plaid button down 🇺🇸

It’s a classic jeans and plaid Fall look with a twist and it’s perfect with the BedStü Dreamweaver belt and my Frye Carson pull on booties.

Tune in for not only skirts but also fun ways to use summer maxi dresses for the Fall.

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Shop the Look 🛍

Denim Maxi Skirt


Day 2 of Maxis week – comfy sweater dresses!

When I saw the Free People sweater dress, I knew I had to have it 🥰 I mean it screams “fireside comfort!” and the volume of it was made me squee! Just think of all the layers you could put under it without anyone seeing it 😂

Technically this is between a maxi and midi but I like to think of it as a maxi that is prepared to show off my Dr. Martens original combat boots. To keep the cozy look going I added a marked grey beanie – which you will notice throughout the cold seasons I refer to as my “head hugs.”

Like the look? Check out my post. Take a screenshot and open the app to get my suggestions on how to create this outfit!

Sweater Maxi Dress


Day 3 of (welp) “almost a” Maxi week – I always get fooled by length! But anyway…

Last night I in no way wanted to be near a TV (mental health reasons) so after dropping my son to practice, I bee-lined it to Target to get some ideas and see what they had for Fall looks. I came across this extremely basic long dress and a million ideas popped into my head on how to style it. Since it was only $19.99 on sale this week (!!!!) I had to grab one. Honestly, of all my dresses, I don’t have many base layer ones to build a look off of.

When I put it on this morning – it’s a midi 😒 BUT that’s okay because there’s always room for a dress that will show off those sexy boots you got on under there 🤩

So I styled this adorable Target dress (linked on today’s post with some rock star pieces from my wardrobe. I’ve owned this BB Dakota drape coat for so long – I’ve linked a few similar styles – and it is always the show piece of any outfit. I added my suede knee high boots and layered a bunch of fun silver necklaces.

Basics to create a look


Day 4 of Fall Maxis week – making basic dressy!

This is the most basic black maxi skirt you could possibly find – it even has a basic elastic waist – no bands, no panels.

Having these basics I’ve been showcasing this week is the very basis of why I am doing this challenge. We all have many of these basics in our closet – sometime they get pushed to the back and you forget them. But the most basic piece can create a fantastic outfit you had no idea a piece of cotton/spandex could be built on.

Today I’ve styled this flowy zebra print collared shirt, gold buckle leather belt and gold accessories with the most basic of skirts. The block heel booties help to add curves by lifting your bum up 😃

I recreated this entire outfit through Amazon finds – great prices and simple styles. Just take a screenshot of this post and you can have a Thanksgiving outfit ready!

Make it Dressy


Day 5 of Fall Maxi Week – don’t pack away those Summer maxi dresses!

When it’s time to switch over our wardrobe for a new season, I think many deem each piece as a specific time of year that should be packed away. I think this happens most with Maxi dresses – sure, you wear them in the heat because they are lightweight and sleeveless, etc. But these pieces aren’t just for a single group of months.

Why? Layers.

Take this Athleta maxi dress – grab an oversized cowl sweater that can fall off the shoulders to show off the racerback straps and a simple long necklace – that way you can be bold with your earrings too! I love these Boho Statement oversized sun and moon earrings – they are delicate and lightweight, but they shine and stand out as a true statement piece.

We’re at the end of Fall Maxi week during g the #FallWardrobeChallenge and it was a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to next week and will be creating my holiday calendar for the weeks ahead! ⭐️

Dress: Athleta
Earrings: Boho Statement
Necklace & Bracelets: Scout Curated Wears
Sweater: Victoria’s Secret
Boots: @Frye

Using Summer Maxis throughout the year


BONUS for Fall Maxi week – Laying your maxis over tops 🤯

Yesterday I posted a maxi with an oversized sweater over it, but now consider trying your Summer maxis OVER your tops.

And especially if you have any low cut maxis like this one – It’s perfect with a graphic tee! I mean, how cute is Debbie Harry peeking out?!

So if you have packed away your summer maxis, I challenge you to take a few out and create a whole new look for the Fall 💗

Layering Maxis over Tops


And another BONUS! Maxi skirts with jackets

This is from my #shopyourclosetchallenge during the quarantine. I used this super basic black maxi with a seamless cami from NikiBiki (if you’ve been following along, a favorite essential I highly recommend) and a Blank NYC suede drape front jacket in this beautiful lush color.

As you have seen throughout the week – don’t consider your maxis as a one season piece. They can be so versatile throughout the year. Think your cotton, lighter weight maxis aren’t going to keep you warm? Layers! You can keep yourself toasty with tights, boots, sweaters, jackets.

Maxis and Jackets

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