How to Style Leather Jackets

As part of my #FallWardrobeChallenge, I’m featuring a new look each week with different styles that feel so right during the Fall. I do a new look every day on Instagram with a video with tips and tricks on how to style the outfits. Each post is linked to with suggestions for your favorite pieces. Click on the photos to check them out!

Leather Jackets are a staple in my wardrobe – whether they be authentic leather or faux, I have a variety of styles I’ve acquired over the years and they just come out with cute ones every season! Here are 5 looks I’ve put together with different style jackets.


Today I started off with an Ann Taylor button down jacket (almost blazer-like) that I have owned for at least 12 years – it’s a timeless piece. I styled it with a crisp white button down and layered the collar over the jacket collar – it’s seems obvious to do, but many times I think we’re in such a hurry that we forget the little details. Add a pair of high rise super skinnies and a block heel black booties to tuck your jeans in, and you are ready for anything. I added my @zodiacaa Goldie Leo ♌️ pendant and some tortoise shell hoops to add a subtle statement.

I will be styling both real and faux leather and am posting suggestions for both on my posts. There are a lot of great sales going on right now, so take a screenshot and open the app to see what’s going for great prices.

Leather Blazer style


Day 2 of Leather Jackets Week – a lil’ bit country, a lil’ bit rock ‘n roll 😎

I’m a HUGE Chris Stapleton fan so when I saw this tee at Target I knew I had to have it. So I styled it with my brown moto jacket and a pair of Levi’s Wedgie straight jeans. How could I not add my Frye Taylor Western booties?!?!

I’ve linked products and suggestions in today’s post so grab a screenshot and check out all the deals for faux leather jackets!

Lil’ Country Lil’ Rock & Roll


Today’s jacket is a lighter color than most would think of when purchasing a leather jacket. The color is so rich and smooth – like looking into a cup of Café au lait.

It’s also very versatile – the natural palette can range from jeans and tee to (now close your eyes to picture this) a pair of chocolate suede pants and cream silk top (ugh. Now I want it all!). And the buttery smooth texture of a natural jacket plays so well with a myriad of textiles.

I’ve styled this with a heavily texturized lace and flare Jeans – an all day kind of outfit that can go to coffee and later for a drink.

I’ve added suggestions to create your own natural leather look in a range of prices in my post.

Au Naturale Leather


Textures with Tulle

I was so excited for today’s look. I had it in my head all week and was so ready to finally get dressed in it. 🥳

I love this Free People moto jacket – which has a detachable hood (i have it linked in my post with significant discounts with the code SALE). I wear this everywhere with everything – it is signature Jen 😁 So I thought I would dress it up in this fun retro look with a tulle skirt (also linked in the post – and at an amazing price) with black pumps and this super fun red belt with pearls and diamonds all over the large buckle. I finished it off with some oversized hoop earrings and silver and black bangles.

Leather and Tulle are always fun together


THE leather jacket of all leather jackets

A few years back I grew restless for a motorcycle jacket. Not the stylized version of one – but the real thing. So I searched far and wide for the right one for me. And when I found it, it was like I’d never known the joy ever before! The weight was glorious. The texture – supreme. And the hardware 🖤

Today I styled it with a pair of ripped skinnies and knee high heeled boots (nothing like a good boost to the booty!) and a Classic Rolling Stones lips sweatshirt. Simple, classic, divine.

I’ve linked the updated version of my jacket on my post (and at a fantastic price!) along with the Target sweatshirt.

The Biker Jacket

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