I have been styling both Transgendered and CIS Women and Men for over 8 years. Highly respected for my extensive knowledge of dressing all body types, I create a warm and respectful environment during the styling process. I understand that transitioning to your true self comes with many emotions and is fully prepared to walk with you through your journey while finding the style that makes you feel comfortable, confident and empowered.

Shopping may feel like a daunting experience, especially for Transgender Women at the beginning of their transition. Many times, they feel limited to certain boutiques or on-line shopping because they do not feel comfortable at retail stores. I have created a network of shops and stores with owners and employees who are knowledgable and are prepared to help during client shopping trips.

I will guide you through creating a wardrobe that speaks to your specific taste. I will educate you on how to choose outfits for your daily life in the comfort of your home. I will find you the perfect outfits for your special occasions and vacations while teaching you how to determine what will work best for you while out shopping with friends.

Styling Services
After our initial consultation, I will invite you back to discuss our personalized recommendations for you. Included are the following services available for your wardrobe styling.

Personal Shopping
Transitioning to your true self can be overwhelming – especially when you are unsure of what style you will feel most comfortable in. Starting fresh for your new look can be a fulfilling and exciting experience when you have a stylist guiding you along the way. Shopping trips are important for the obvious reason of finding clothing, but it is important for you to gain confidence in yourself and your style. These trips will include shopping for clothing, as well as for accessories such as shoes and jewelry.

Wardrobe Organization
I will help you organize all the new clothing and accessories in your home while educating you on how to mix and match your new pieces to create multiple outfits. I will work with you on learning how to accessorize your outfits to add that special touch that makes your style all about you.

Comportment Analyzing and Advising
I know how to walk the walk and move through a room with grace and conviction. I’m ready to help you with the skills you need to master the subtle art of living your feminine form. After analyzing your movements, I will advise you on how to walk in shoes you have not yet mastered moving in and educate you on the proper forms of posture and controlling your body until it come naturally to you.

I know how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin. I’m here to help you on your way to the true you. Contact us to book a consultation!

Transgender Styling